The idea of a blog has always seemed rather weird to me. I guess that’s because I’ve always equated blogging with essentially publishing your diary for the world to read. I’ve since realized that blogging is so much more than that. Because of the kind of person I am (slightly neurotic and a hopeless perfectionist) I needed to extensively research how to start a successful blog, and I was overwhelmed with the sheer number and variety of blogs out there, and how much information they were offering. I suddenly realized that I needed to take blogging a little bit more seriously; I don’t want to start a blog that no one wants to read. And just like that I felt a crippling amount of pressure to make this absolutely perfect. Normally I would let this kind of pressure deter me from trying something new, but this time, I’m going to embrace it and channel it into some beautiful productivity. And if no one wants to read my blog? So what, I’m going to write it anyway.